HIP HOP-ERATION | Hip-hop nie zna wieku | dir. Bryn Evans | NZ | 2014 | 93 min

prod|pro Paula Jones scen|wr Bryn Evans zdj|ph Bevan Crothers muz|mus Marshall Smith, Tom Fox mon|ed Peter Roberts ob|cast Maynie Thompson, Kara Nelson, Terri Woolmore- Goodwin, Billie Jordan – Troupe Manager dys|dis Rise and Shine World Sales

On a small island in New Zealand a group of 30 senior citizens, the eldest of which is 96, are preparing for the World Hip Hop Championships in Las Vegas. They are encouraged to work hard and overcome their own weaknesses by Billie Jordan, the group’s energetic manager, who is certain that everyone has a shot at winning. A wheelchair, cane, or prosthetic hip are therefore no longer an obstacle, let alone an excuse. What matters most is drive and the will to act, and they can do wonders. The film isn’t just an apotheosis to remaining active despite your age and physical limitations, but is also a fascinating depiction of people who prove that there is no point in fearing the passage of time – since life can bring joy regardless of age.

New Zealand based Bryn Evans is a documentary producer and director. In 2008 Evans made his first television documentary “From Street to Sky”, an intimate profile of Tigilau Ness and the father-son relationship of one of New Zealand’s top Hip Hop stars, Che Fu. “Hip Hop-eration” is his first theatrical feature film.

2015 IFF in Santa Barbara – Audience Award
2015 FAF TWO RIVERSIDES Kazimierz Dolny, Janowiec – Audience Award


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