GROBARI – THE GRAVEDIGGERS (Grobari – Grabarze) – dir. Bartek Cierlica, Main Prize |  WEIGHTLESS (Nieważkość) – dir. Erika Janunger, Additional Prize | THE CITY SAILS ON (Miasto płynie) – dir. Balbina Bruszewska, Additional Prize

GROBARI – THE GRAVEDIGGERS | Grobari – Grabarze | dir. Bartek Cierlica | PL | 2008 | 9 min

In July 1995 in a small mountain town Srebrenica, on the southern border of Bosnia and Herzegovina the biggest genocide since World War II took place. „Grobari – The Gravediggers” is the author’s reflection about one of the darkest period in history of former Yugoslavia.

Born in 1979. For one year, he was studying at FAMU film school in Prague, Czech Republic, now he is a graduate of Polish National Film School in Lodz in Poland. In 2007 he made his debut as a cinematographer of a short feature film “Obcy”. He also works as a cinematographer in commercials and music videos.

2008 IFF CAMERIMAGE – Silver Tadpole, Student Etudes Competition
2009 FAF TWO RIVERSIDES Kazimierz Dolny, Janowiec nad Wisłą – Main Prize, Independent Short Films Competition
2009 SFF ŁODZIĄ PO WIŚLE Warsaw – The Chairman of the Association of Polish Filmmakers’ Award
2009 FFD YOUTH AND FILM Koszalin – Additional Prize for editing

WEIGHTLESS | Nieważkość | dir. Erika Janunger | SE | 2007 | 7 min

Story about what happens when you look at the world from a different angel. Two dancers are guiding us through the experience although the main character of the film actually turns out to be the room they are using. The room turns into a choreographer and creates completely new basic conditions for the dancers to move. It allows them the most fantastic motions, but at the same time keeps them on a tight leash.


She had completed her masters’ degree in the field of interior architecture and furniture design. Her masters’ project, the film “Weightless” in which she had managed to combine her artistic- as well as her musical skills, was awarded with the highest of the schools scholarships.

THE CITY SAILS ON | Miasto płynie | dir. Balbina Bruszewska | PL | 2009 | 17 min

Poland is situated in the centre of Europe, and in the centre of Poland there is Lodz. The name of it means „a boat” although there is no active river nearby and there are no water basins around. Escapes from Lodz (from „a boat”) happen most often through the dry land to Warsaw and Great Britain. But many return because the closest world is where the heart and memories live. Film was awarded with main prize for the Best Polish Film 2009 at the International Animated Film Festival ReAnimacja.

Author of short animations, video clips, above 100 TV programmes and documentaries.

2009 FAF TWO RIVERSIDES Kazimierz Dolny, Janowiec nad Wisłą – Additional Prize, Independent Short Films Competition
2009 SFF ŁODZIĄ PO WIŚLE Warsaw – Grand Prix
2009 IFF REANIMACJA Łódź – The Association of Polish Filmmakers’ Award for Best Polish Film


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