© Dwa Brzegi | Two Riversides, JANOWIEC, photo: Janusz Szyndler

The town is located on the western bank of the Lesser Polish Gorge of the Vistula. The oldest written sources about Janowiec (or Serokomla, to be precise, as that was the name of the place before it had been given town status) come from the 12th century. The town’s landscape amenities and the fact that it is in the vicinity of Kazimierz Dolny make this place an interesting tourist attraction.

The Castle in Janowiec, built in the 16th century thanks to Mikołaj Firlej, has been erected on an irregular polygon form adapted to the area’s topology, on a high slope of the Vistula river ice-marginal valley, at the foot of which the town of Janowiec is located. The castle’s rebuilt interiors hold a permanent exhibition on its history. In the tourist season (May-October), temporary exhibitions are also organised. Selected historical monuments: the Castle (it is currently home to a branch of the Nadwińlańskie Museum), a Gothic church (inside – the tombstone of the Firlejs, made by Santi Gucci of Florence), a manor complex including a Baroque court with an exhibition of the interiors of a gentry house and guest rooms, and a wooden granary with an ethnographic exhibition, among others.


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