Scream, The


reż|dir Barbara Sass | PL | 1982 | 88 min
prod|pro Ryszard Straszewski scen|wr Barbara Sass zdj|ph Wiesław Zdort muz|mus Wojciech Trzciński mon|ed Maria Orłowska ob|cast Dorota Stalińska, Stanisław Igar, Krzysztof Pieczyński, Iga Cembrzyńska, Anna Romantowska dys|dis KADR


Warsaw, early 1980s A young girl from a slums,Marianna, leaves prison after a short sentence for stealing. The girl, known in the criminal world as the "Pearl", has nothing to return to, desperately wants to change her life. Thanks to the help of a social curator, he gets a room job in a luxurious old people's home. She’s finding also love and a chance to change current situation. Dorota Stalinska's daring role, written especially for her. Digitally reconstructed copy.

Special screening of “The Scream” directed by Barbara Sass, with the charismatic lead actress DOROTA STALIŃSKA as a special guest.

“To play a role written specifically for you is a dream come true for every actor,” says Dorota Stalińska. It is also a great opportunity for the creator, as they can start directing the character already at the stage of scriptwriting. “The Scream” by Barbara Sass marked the third time that the director and Sumińska worked together, following “Without Love” (1980) and “Debutante” (1981). It is in “The Scream” that we can see the relationship between the two artists at its finest. The character of Marianna, written with Stalińska in mind and played by her, is expressive and strong. She personifies a grasping, dramatic desire to change one’s fate for the better. Although brusque and rude on the outside, Marianna is in fact a deeply sensitive soul. Taking the risk of that daring role brought Stalińska several prestigious awards (Gdynia, Koszalin and San Sebastian). The protagonist of “The Scream” is now considered one of the most interesting female roles of the 1980s Polish cinema. The struggle for a successful life is a universal topic, especially nowadays, when opportunities seem to be limitless. Thanks to digital remastering, we can now show this important film to new generations of viewers.

1983 SSIFF San Sebastian – CAALA Distinction, CIDALC Distinction, CAALA Award (Dorota Stalińska)
1984 PFF Gdańsk– Best Female role Award (Dorota Stalińska)

Barbara Sass (1936-2015), film and stage director and screenwriter. Graduate of the Directing Department at the National Film School in Łódź. She received numerous awards at film festivals in Poland and abroad, including FIPRESCI Prize (1980,1996), Prize for Best Debut Director at the Polish Film Festival (1980),and the Krzysztof Kieślowski Beyond Borders Award for Best Feature at the New York Polish Film Festival (2012). Nominated for Crystal Globe for “Temptation” (“Pokuszenie”) at the Karlovy Vary International Film Festival in 1996. She was a masters of portraying female characters.

2011 W imieniu diabła|In the Name of the Devil
2010 Pieśni miłosne
1999 Jak narkotyk|Like a Drug
1995 Pokuszenie|Temptation
1993 Tylko strach|Nothing But Fear
1993 Pajęczarki
1990 Historia niemoralna|An Immoral Story
1985 Dziewczęta z Nowolipek|Girls of Nowolipki
1982 Krzyk|The Scream
1980 Bez miłości|Without Love

DOROTA STALIŃSKA (1953) graduated from the National Academy of Dramatic Art in Warsaw in 1976. She pursues many forms of artistic expression, among others, as screen and theatre actress and poet. She specialises in monodramas, which allow her to develop her artistic skills and repertoire. She is renowned as an actress who refuses to give in to conventions: brave, dynamic and strong. When she appears on stage or screen, she quickly becomes the centre of attention; it is impossible to be indifferent when faced with her interpretation of a role. Her characters are determined, go-getting and uncompromising. She won numerous awards for her work.

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