Moth, The


reż|dir Tomasz Zygadło | PL | 1980 | 100 min
scen|wr Tomasz Zygadło zdj|ph Jacek Zygadło muz|mus Jan Kanty Pawluśkiewicz mon|ed Mirosława Garlicka ob|cast Roman Wilhelmi, Anna Seniuk, Iwona Bielska dys|dis KADR


This is psychological drama by Tomasz Zygadlo begins as a straightforward story. Jan (Roman Wilhelmi) is the host of a nightly talk show in which he counsels people who call in with their problems. He is dedicated to helping these lonely souls but becomes increasingly disturbed when his co-workers and supervisors at the radio station do not appreciate his program; they seem unable to grasp the importance of what he is doing. Aside from that, Jan’s private life is frayed around the edges. His wife is a heavy drinker and his mistress has no comprehension about who he is or what he is doing. Jan’s frustration over this lack of recognition builds to an explosive level, threatening to upset the balance of his daily life.

1981 Figuiera da Foz – IFF Silver Medal
1980 Gdańsk PFF – Best Male Role Award (Roman Wilhelmi)
1981 Moskwa IFF – Best Male Role Award (Roman Wilhelmi), Russian Journalists Award (Roman Wilhelmi)

Tomasz Zygadło (1947-2011) documental filmmaker, film and theatre director, screenwriter and actor. Initially, he was mainly a documentary film director. He made his cinema debut with the film “Rebus” (1977), but he gained real fame three years later for the film “Ćma”/ ”The Moth” (1980), featuring an outstanding performance by Roman Wilhelmi (best actor award at the Polish Film Festival in Gdynia and the festival in Moscow), as a radio journalist at a critical moment of his life. The black-and-white film was shot by the director’s brother – cinematographer Jacek Zygadło. In the 1990s, he directed mainly television spectacles, he also directed plays in several theatres, in Łódź, Krakow and Warsaw. He had cameos in several films (including Wajda’s and Kieślowski’s), he also starred in films he directed.

1985 Sceny dziecięce z życia z prowincji|Child’s Scenes of Provincial Life
1982 Z kraju i ze świata|From the country and from the world
1980 Ćma|The Moth
1977 Rebus
1976 Mikrofon dla wszystkich|A Microphone for Everyone
1975 Miłość|Love
1972 Gospodarze|Hosts
1971 Szkoła podstawowa|Primary School
1968 Made in Poland|Made in Poland

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