reż|dir Veronica Andersson | PL | 2018 | 29 min
prod|pro Maciej Ślesicki scen|wr Veronica Andersson zdj|ph Mats Helgesson muz|mus This is How We mon|ed Mats Helgesson ob|cast Kamila Kobic, Magdalena Kizinkiewicz, Adam Bobik, Kordian Rekowski


Wiki is a autistic, and curious young girl, who has to face really harsh reality of living with an alcoholic mother after her grandmother dies. Luckily amongst all this chaos, she meets Mateusz - a huge fan of Warsaw city busses - who brings back real sunshine to her life.

Director / Screenwriter / Artist- Veronica Andersson was born in Stockholm, Sweden. She currently is working on her diploma film for International BA studies of Film Directin and Multimedia Art at Warsaw Film School, Poland. Veronica is also currently working on a documentary about polish contemporary artist and life partner- Mariusz Tarkawian. Veronica Andersson graduated from the Faculty of Philosophy at Linköpings Universitet, Sweden in 2007 where she studied political science , gender studies and social anthropology. Her short film debut titled LIBERATION (polish title WYZWOLENIE) has travelled around the world to numerous festivals, naming a few include 42 Polish Film Festival in Gdynia, 10th Citizen Jane Film Festival in Colombia, Missouri, USA, winning Best Short 2017 at the Female Eye Film Festival in Toronto, Canada, and Best Cinematography 2018 at Yale Student Film Festival. Her film Wiki will have its world premiere at Two Riversides Film and Art Festival.

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