Out of Limelight


Z dala od orkiestry
reż|dir Rafael Lewandowski | PL | 2017 | 86 min
prod|pro Hélène Zaleski, Rafael Lewandowski scen|wr Rafael Lewandowski zdj|ph Piotr Niemyjski mon|ed Miłosz Hermanowicz dys|dis Fundacja Tumult/Film Freeway


Zygmunt Lubicz Zaleski was a philosopher, writer, and poet who spent most of his life in France. Like many other independent activists, he was forced to emigrate because of the political climate in Poland. He was active, but out of the limelight. In spite of this, he had a tremendous impact on the creation of a strong, independent Poland through his cultural activities. He was a very active publisher and lecturer, and was general secretary of the Polish Society for History and Literature in Paris. He engaged in social, political, and scientific activity, promoting Polish culture and building good French–Polish relations. Zaleski helped Polish emigrés and scientists, and was an ardent supporter of Polish interests in France. Step into his fascinating world through the documentary by Rafael Lewandowski.

Rafael Lewandowski (1969), a director and writer born to a Polish-French family. A graduate of the Faculty of Film Directing of the famous French film school La Fémis. He is the author of more than 10 documentaries, including “Cela”, “Children of Solidarnosc”, “A Shadowed Gaze”, and “Minkowski|Saga”. His feature debut, “The Mole” was much appreciated and won awards at national and international film festivals. In 2012, he was awarded the “Polityka” magazines’ Passport, and in 2015 the French Ministry of Culture named him Knight of Art and Literature. He lives in Warsaw, constantly working on feature and documentary projects.

2017 Z dala od orkiestry|Out of Limelight
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