Naples in Veils


Napoli velata
reż|dir Ferzan Özpetek | IT | 2017 | 113 min
prod|pro Tilde Corsi, Gianni Romoli scen|wr Ferzan Özpetek, Gianni Romoli, Valia Santella zdj|ph Gianfilippo Corticelli muz|mus Pasquale Catalano mon|ed Leonardo Alberto Moschetta ob|cast Alessandro Borghi, Maria Pia Calzone, Giovanna Mezzogiorno, Luisa Ranieri, Isabella Ferrari, Anna Bonaiuto, Lina Sastri, Carmine Recano, Biagio Forestieri, Peppe Barra, Daniele Foresi dys|dis Aurora


Naples, without comparison, is the most beautiful city in the universe – according to Stendhal. In a Naples suspended between magic and superstition, madness and rationality, a mystery envelops the existence of Adriana (Giovanna Mezzogiorno), overwhelmed by a sudden love and a violent crime. As director said: “This type of veil is often used in Naples. The veil covers, but also shows details. When you look (through it) you can clearly see his face underneath”.

2018 Moscow IFF – Silver St. George for Best Actress (Giovanna Mezzogiorno), Golden St. George nomination
2018 David di Donatello Awards – David for Best Cinematography (Gian Filippo Corticelli), Be

Ferzan Özpetek (1959), Italian actor, screenwriter and director, sometimes called “‘Mediterranean Hitchcock”, in 1976 moved from Istanbul to Italy. He studied the history of film, art history and drama in Rome. After receiving stage experience with Julian Beck’s Living Theatre, he moved to the cinema landscape, by working as a director assistant to Massimo Troisi, Maurizio Ponzi, Ricky Tognazzi, Sergio Citti and Francesco Nuti. His directorial debut was with “Hamam” (1997), in 2003 he had a well-deserved and unqualified success with his movie “Facing Windows”. “Naples in Veils” is twelfth movie in his career.

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