Ethiopiques – Revolt of the Soul


Ethiopiques muzyka duszy
reż|dir Maciej Bochniak| PL, DE, FR, ET, US | 2017 | 70 min
prod|pro Mikołaj Pokromski, Izabela Łopuch scen|wr Maciej Bochniak zdj|ph Grzegorz Hartfiel, Maciej Bochniak muz|mus Paweł Lucewicz mon|ed Ziemowit Jaworski dys|dis HBO


A comprehensive documentary film about the development of the Ethiopian popular music scene of the 1960s and 70s. “Ethiopiques– Revolt of the Soul” is the history of Ethiopian music told from the perspective of the main character and narrator of the film, Francis Falceto. An avid follower of world music, he was given a copy of unlabeled cassette at a party in his hometown of Poitiers. It was Ethiopian jazz. The resultant excitement amongst listeners and journalists who had never heard anything quite like it is the beginning of a long journey that is a landmark in the history of world music. It is also the story of the phenomenon of this unique music style which had a considerable influence on late 20th century free jazz and pop music. This is an account of the courage and audacity of gifted musicians who were the creators of stunning sounds and music against all odds.

Maciej Bochniak (1984), film director and script writer, graduate of Script Faculty in Lodz Film School. Director of feature film “Disco Polo”, that in less than six weeks reached 850 000 box office, receiving Janusz Morgenstern award for the most promising debut. Maciek is also the author of acclaimed documentary “One Billion Happy People” , based on Bayer Full disco polo band adventures in China. His latest documentary “Ethiopiques – The Revolt of Soul” was selected for IDFA.

2017 Ethiopiques muzyka duszy|Ethiopiques – Revolt of the Soul
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